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J J Powell Inc / JJ Powell Inc, Clearfield, PA, 16830

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J. J. Powell, Inc. is a marketer of the Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling Franchise. This network offers strategic sites throughout PA and on a national network. Contact customer service for information.

Phone number: 
(814) 765-8730
Heating oil
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Cities served: 
Clearfield, Hyde, Mineral Springs, Shawville, Woodland, Glen Richey, Bigler, West Decatur, Wallaceton, Lecontes Mills, Olanta, Curwensville, Frenchville, Grampian, Rockton, Morrisdale, New Millport, A
llport, Kylertown, Madera, Hawk Run, Brisbin, Munson, Houtzdale, Penfield, Winburne, Ramey, Philipsburg, Drifting, Luthersburg, Smokerun, Glen Hope, Force, Grassflat, Morann, Du Bois, Lanse, Weedville, Karthaus, Irvona, Mahaffey, Sandy Ridge, Beccaria, Byrnedale, Osceola Mills, Troutville, Smithmill, Coalport, Moshannon, La Jose, Sykesville, Pottersdale, Stump Creek, Benezett, Brockport, Glasgow, Falls Creek, Port Matilda, Big Run, Blandburg, Flinton, Fallentimber, Kersey, Snow Shoe, Burnside, Dagus Mines, Brandy Camp, Westover, Reynoldsville, Glen Campbell, Driftwood, Rossiter, Brockway, Warriors Mark, Clarence
Counties served: 
Clearfield County, Centre County, Elk County, Jefferson County, Clinton County, Cambria County, Indiana County, Cameron County, Huntingdon County, Blair County
ZIPs served: 
16830, 16843, 16855, 16873, 16881, 16837, 16825, 16878, 16876, 16850, 16863, 16833, 16836, 16838, 15856, 16858, 16861, 16821, 16847, 16661, 16840, 16620, 16860, 16651, 15849, 16879, 16671, 16866, 1683
4, 15848, 16681, 16645, 15841, 16839, 16663, 15801, 16849, 15868, 16845, 16656, 15757, 16677, 16616, 15827, 16666, 15866, 16680, 16627, 16859, 15753, 15865, 16871, 15863, 15821, 15823, 16644, 15840, 16870, 15715, 16619, 16640, 16639, 15846, 16874, 15721, 15831, 15822, 16692, 15851, 15742, 15832, 15772, 15824, 16877, 16829
J J Powell Inc / JJ Powell Inc, PA screenshot
371 Hammermill Rd
Clearfield, Pennsylvania 16830
United States
Clearfield County

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