FuelWonk exists to help consumers make informed buying decisions, and to give vendors access to qualified buyers in their region.

We use a number of different methods, including:   
   • An army of bots which constantly monitor vendor web sites for the latest published pricing.    
   • Pricing information provided directly to us by vendors.    
   • Pricing information provided directly to us by customers.

FuelWonk makes money by charging vendors a fee for each qualified lead we send them. We do not charge vendors for listing their pricing information on our site.

Crowd sourcing is the process of collecting small pieces of information from a large group of people. When all the pieces are put together, like a puzzle, they form a bigger picture which can be used for many purposes, including price-sharing and data analysis.

Researching a vendor is often a time-consuming and frustrating task. You just don’t know who offers fair pricing.

Crowd sourced information provides current pricing for vendors close to your home or business. Fuelwonk stores and analyzes current and historical pricing to make intelligent vendor recommendations.

Choosing a vendor can often be the start of a multi-year relationship. We evaluate and compare the prices of vendors on a statistical basis over time, not just the price for today. We make seasonal suggestions about when to purchase fuel and when it is time to consider selecting a new vendor.

FuelWonk does not buy, own, sell, or speculate in the markets for the products it analyzes.  Our expertise is in analyzing and curating current and historical pricing data.

Signing an annual contract with your vendor will give you preferential status during a cold snap or when fuel supplies are running low. You may not receive the lowest price for every delivery but we can help you make the best vendor selection before you sign a contract

Annual fuel contracts can be very tricky. Each is different and requires you to read the fine print carefully. Unless you are savvy and can accept some level of risk we do not suggest that you sign these contracts. The state of Massachusetts offers very good guidance on this topic. FuelWonk does not attempt to deal with complexities of annual fuel contracts.

Anytime you are looking for a new fuel vendor, or when there is instability in the market price for fuel.

Every time you purchase fuel for a residence or business you should consult FuelWonk to establish a relationship with a fuel vendor.    

If you do not have an annual contract with your vendor you should consult FuelWonk before each purchase. If you have an annual contract you should consult FuelWonk one month before it is time to renew.

You may consider changing vendors every year. If you are a COD (no contract) customer you may consider changing vendors with each purchase. Please remember that vendors provide a higher level of service and support to loyal customers.    

Propane users who rent their tanks have much less flexibility to change vendors annually. Vendors are not happy to install a tank every year. Purchasing a tank will give you greater flexibility to change vendors annually or with each purchase.

You can report prices each time you receive a bill from your vendor. This will make pricing information available to all users of FuelWonk. We also encourage you to post information about your vendor in Yelp!. We will consider vendor ratings along with pricing history when making a vendor recommendation.

A larger base of users sharing pricing information will make it easier for everyone to make informed decisions when selecting a vendor.

No. Vendors consider it critical to maintain a customer on a long-term basis. With information provided by FuelWonk you may be able to negotiate discounted pricing with your vendor.

FuelWonk will always show the vendor with the lowest reported current price. There are other reasons such as consistent pricing over time, prompt service and timely deliveries to choose a vendor. We help provide information on all these areas for your consideration.

Yes, the site will be free forever for consumers.