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  • Wichita, 67219 KS
    Propane $2.11
    EIA Kansas - Propane, KS screenshot
    This is the official average propane price for your location published by Energy Information Administration (EIA). If you're paying more than that, shop...
  • Frankfort, 66427 KS
    Wanklyn Oil Co Inc, KS screenshot
    The Wanklyn Oil Company has been around for a long time and offers many different services like gasoline, diesel, propane, oil, and grease lubricants....
  • Great Bend, 67530 KS
    Great Bend CO-OP, KS screenshot
  • Blue Rapids, 66411 KS
    Home Oil Service Inc, KS screenshot
    Home Oil Services is a propane company that has been in operation since 1981. It has storage in Blue Rapids and Green KS. It offers a Stayfull Route, Call...
  • Hutchinson, 67501 KS
    Cargill Inc, KS screenshot
    Cargill is a company that provides food and other things to the world. It has 152,000 employees in 67 countries. Cargill is committed to feeding the world...
  • Wamego, 66547 KS
    Ferrellgas, KS screenshot
    Ferrellgas is a company that provides propane for people's homes, businesses, and farms. They also have a program for using propane in vehicles.
  • Nortonville, 66060 KS
    Propane Central – Nortonville, KS screenshot
    If you choose Propane Central, you will get more propane for your money.
  • Mulvane, 67110 KS
    Wayman Oil Co Inc, KS screenshot
    We provide propane services for houses, businesses, and farms. In addition to delivering propane, we do leak and pressure checks. We're the only...
  • Elkhart, 67950 KS
    Nusser Oil Co Inc, KS screenshot
    This company sells propane and gasoline and also Exxon and Mobil brand lubricants. They serve Southwest Kansas, Oklahoma Panhandle and Southeast Colorado.
  • Effingham, 66023 KS
    Jackson Farmers Inc, KS screenshot
    The Effingham Location can fill 20#, 30#, 40#, and 100# bottles with propane.
  • Topeka, 66608 KS
    Cargill Inc, KS screenshot
    Cargill is a company that provides food, agriculture, financial, energy, and industrial products and services to the world. They have 152,000 employees in...
  • Wichita, 67219 KS
    Ferrellgas, KS screenshot
    Ferrellgas is a nationwide company that delivers propane to residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural customers. The company also offers...
  • Stockton, 67669 KS
    John E. Jones Oil Co. Inc., KS screenshot
    The John E. Jones Oil Company was founded in 1938 and has been providing gasoline, diesel fuel, and propane to customers in Kansas and southern Nebraska...
  • Holton, 66436 KS
    B&P Propane / B & P Propane, KS screenshot
    Our store has been family owned and operated for over 50 years. We care about our friends and neighbors, and we always put safety first. If you need a...
  • Ottawa, 66067 KS
    Ottawa Cooperative, KS screenshot
    Cooperatives are different from regular companies because they are owned by the people who use their services. This means that the customers have a say in...
  • Holton, 66436 KS
    Jackson Farmers Inc Elevator, KS screenshot
    If you need a small amount of propane, we can fill 20, 30, 40, or 100-pound bottles at our Effingham location.
  • Kingman, 67068 KS
    Cargill Inc, KS screenshot
    Cargill is a company that helps make food for the world. They have lots of employees who work in lots of different places. Cargill tries to help the...
  • Anthony, 67003 KS
    Farmers Oil Company, KS screenshot
    Farmers Oil Company is a trucking company that hauls things like gasoline, fertilizer, and cement. They've been around for 40 years and are...
  • Yates Center, 66783 KS
    Woodson County Cooperative Assoc, KS screenshot
  • Hiawatha, 66434 KS
    Ag Partners Cooperative Inc., KS screenshot
    If you're looking for a top-quality diesel fuel that will give your equipment a boost in power and longevity, try Ruby Fieldmaster products. Our...
  • Girard, 66743 KS
    Producers Cooperative Assn, KS screenshot
    The Producers Cooperative Association is a place where farmers can go to get information about the prices of things they need, the weather, and more. The...
  • Leon, 67074 KS
    Jim's Propane, KS screenshot
    Jims Propane Inc is a company in Leon, KS that delivers propane. They have been doing it since 1972 and they can do it for your farm or home. They can...
  • Athol, 66932 KS
    Central Plains Co-Op, KS screenshot
    The article is about the Kansas USDA Newswire. The Newswire is a place where the USDA posts news and announcements.
  • Overbrook, 66524 KS
    Heetco / Pinnacle Propane, KS screenshot
    Heetco is a propane gas dealer that was founded in 1947. It has expanded into a business that serves Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. Homeowners...
  • Topeka, 66608 KS
    Heetco / Pinnacle Propane, KS screenshot
    Heetco is a family-owned business that sells propane gas. It was founded in 1947 and has since expanded to serve Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska...

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