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Ferrellgas, Idaho Springs, CO, 80452

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Founded in 1939, Ferrellgas is a nationwide company servicing the propane needs of residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural users.

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For more than 75 years, Americans have relied on Ferrellgas for their home, business, agricultural, and fleet propane needs. A publicly traded (NYSE:FGP), Fortune 1000 company, Ferrellgas serves approximately one million Customers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Ferrellgas Employees indirectly own more than 20 million common units of the partnership through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP.

Ferrellgas' service offerings include:
Residential -- Ferrellgas delivers propane to Customers all across the United States for use in warming homes and pools, cooking, heating water, and dozens of other applications. For more information, visit

Business -- Ferrellgas is trusted by thousands of big and small businesses across the United States to deliver the propane that keeps employees warm, trucks and forklifts running, and customers happy. Find out more at

Agricultural -- Ferrellgas understands the unique requirements of today’s agricultural businesses, and we work directly with farmers and ranchers to ensure their needs are met. Learn more about our agricultural propane service at

Automotive -- Ferrellgas provides clean-burning propane autogas to hundreds of private fleets, municipal fleets, and school districts. Find out more at

Retail propane distribution for home heating, Propane delivery for business and agricultural applications, Bulk and wholesale propane transportation and delivery, Propane autogas for fleets

Services Offered: 
Services and fuel for your home: Water Heating, Indoor Fireplaces, Generators, Gas Dryers, Space Hearting, Furnaces & Boilers, and Propane Ranges & Cooktops Services and fuel for your business: Industrial, Commercial, Fuel for vehicles & Machinery, Agriculture
Phone number: 
(303) 567-2626
Facebook Reviews: 
For nearly 80 years, Americans have relied on Ferrellgas for their home, business, and agricultural propane needs.
Cities served: 
Idaho Springs, Central City, Black Hawk, Dumont, Evergreen, Golden, Georgetown, Rollinsville, Kittredge, Pinecliffe, Idledale, Indian Hills, Silver Plume, Empire, Arvada, Eldorado Springs, Denver, Mor
rison, Conifer, Winter Park, Grant, Wheat Ridge, Nederland, Boulder, Louisville, Broomfield, Littleton, Dillon, Shawnee, Bailey, Westminster, Jamestown, Ward, Fraser, Englewood, Pine, Tabernash, Buffalo Creek, Lafayette, Commerce City, Niwot, Thornton
Counties served: 
Clear Creek County, Gilpin County, Jefferson County, Boulder County, Grand County, Park County, Denver County, Arapahoe County, Summit County, Broomfield County, Adams County, Douglas County
ZIPs served: 
80452, 80427, 80422, 80436, 80439, 80403, 80437, 80444, 80474, 80457, 80471, 80401, 80453, 80402, 80454, 80476, 80438, 80007, 80025, 80228, 80465, 80433, 80482, 80448, 80225, 80215, 80004, 80033, 8000
5, 80466, 80305, 80232, 80027, 80227, 80001, 80226, 80302, 80002, 80307, 80034, 80306, 80235, 80214, 80021, 80162, 80435, 80006, 80003, 80475, 80127, 80303, 80212, 80304, 80123, 80219, 80038, 80204, 80421, 80236, 80030, 80035, 80036, 80455, 80221, 80211, 80128, 80481, 80301, 80031, 80308, 80442, 80202, 80248, 80223, 80110
Ferrellgas, CO screenshot
1 Ferrell Way
Idaho Springs, Colorado 80452
United States
Clear Creek County

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