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Sayle Oil Co Inc, Charleston, MS, 38921

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Sayle Oil | Ride With Us | Call 1.800.844.8120

Sayle Propane provides consumer propane services to more than 7,000 people just like you, including: propane home heating, propane water heating, and propane for drying clothes. Sayle also offers propane to businesses for lift truck fuel and industrial heating; and to agriculture accounts for grain dryers and well motors. We also fill grill cylinders and recreational vehicle tanks at every location. If it runs on propane, we can supply it! Call your local Sayle Propane office today and ask how we can be of service to you!

Phone number: 
(662) 647-2068
Welcome to Sayle Oil. We are more than just an oil company. Call 1.800.844.8120 for more information.
Cities served: 
Charleston, Tippo, Cascilla, Scobey, Enid, Tillatoba, Oakland, Crowder, Swan Lake, Lambert, Webb, Sumner, Glendora, Holcomb, Pope, Philipp, Grenada, Tie Plant, Vance, Courtland, Tutwiler, Minter City,
Batesville, Coffeeville, Money, Water Valley, Dublin, Rome, Belen, Marks, Elliott, Drew, Darling, Schlater, Parchman, Carrollton, Greenwood, Sardis
Counties served: 
Tallahatchie County, Yalobusha County, Panola County, Quitman County, Grenada County, Leflore County, Coahoma County, Sunflower County, Carroll County
ZIPs served: 
38921, 38962, 38920, 38953, 38927, 38961, 38948, 38622, 38958, 38643, 38966, 38957, 38928, 38940, 38658, 38950, 38902, 38960, 38964, 38620, 38963, 38901, 38944, 38606, 38922, 38945, 38965, 38739, 3876
8, 38609, 38646, 38926, 38737, 38623, 38952, 38738, 38917, 38930, 38666
Sayle Oil Co Inc, MS screenshot
3261 Ms Highway 35 N
Charleston, Mississippi 38921
United States
Tallahatchie County

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    Sayle Propane provides consumer propane services to more than 7,000 people just like you, including: propane home heating, propane water heating, and...

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