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Promote your business growth with Fuelwonk

If you are the owner of a home fuel business, find out how to promote your listing in search results.

Thank you for taking the time to review what we can do together for your business.

For free:

  • Report your prices as often as you want to
  • Stand out from your competitors because you report your prices

For a reasonable fee, you get these additional benefits:

  • Highlight your listing and guarantee advanced placement for searches in your local area
  • Removes all competitors and display ads from your web page listing (two year plan)
  • The ability to tailor your business’s listing
  • You take advantage of our search expertise (SEO) and eliminate the need to hire a consultant to manage Google and Bing adwords
  • If possible, we will automate the reporting of your prices

Our promotion fee is $199 for your first year. If you add year two at the same time, the fee will be just $299 for two years. These fees apply for up to five business locations.

The bottom line:
  • Promoted Fuelwonk vendors’ pages are viewed 3 times as often as non-promoted vendors
  • Promoting yourself on Fuelwonk costs less than 20% of the cost of promotion with Google Ads
  • Fuelwonk is the central go-to website for heating fuel prices in North America
  • One vendor said: "A customer told me about the site, I signed up for it, and I have seen a bump in my business growth! I often refer customers to the site so they may compare just to show that my prices are highly competitive, and I try to make them the most affordable! (I'll say that being you've promoted my site, I think that's helped too!!!" - Pam from Chrysalis Fuel.

For more information contact me, Bob Silverstein at or call 408-634-0361.

Sample of a promoted listing in search results:

promotion preview