Save Money on Your Heating Bills No Matter the Season But, Fill Your Tanks Before Winter

We think you should fill your tanks before the heating season. Prices are lower, there is no wait for service and you’ll be prepared when the cool weather arrives. Managing your utilities, especially heating oil or propane can be a struggle and not a particularly pleasant task for many of us. It’s not the way we typically want to spend our precious spare time, searching for the best heating fuel prices or a reputable vendor. You can ask your friends or neighbors, seek guidance from business associates, flip through the Yellow Pages - the old fashioned way, or search the Internet.

Fortunately, crowdsourcing websites have become common, acceptable, and as reliable as the Yellow Pages were in their heyday. For example, sites like GasBuddy and GoodRX are both crowdsourcing websites, which many of us rely upon to find and determine the most recent market rates for a given service.

Until now, there hasn’t been an independent crowdsourcing website devoted to gathering and providing heating oil and propane prices to consumers. The primary goal of, first and foremost, is to make accurate and timely pricing information available to consumers through the power of crowdsourcing. Besides making it easy to compare pricing, fuelwonk also provides valuable data about vendors that includes an overview, location, contact information, and reviews. Fuelwonk provides an effective crowdsourcing website where consumers can join together to share and report prices for heating oil and propane.

Visit fuelwonk this Summer to Save on Heating Costs this Winter

Knowledge will set you free. At a minimum, take the summer months to become familiar with the general operation and components of your heating system. This knowledge will allow you to talk intelligently with service technicians and go a long way to help you understand what the charges mean when they present you with the bill. To assist you in your effort to better appreciate the issues involved in maintaining and operating your heating system, visit fuelwonk’s blog, Fuel chatter,.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If your heating system stops working when the temperatures are hovering below freezing and you’re desperate for heat, you may not have the time to find the best vendor with the most responsive service, nor the fairest rates. You may even have to pay double-time for after-hours calls. Find local vendors on fuelwonk, and call them to contrast and compare their maintenance contracts during the summer, before the cold fall and winter months set in.

Do the unthinkable. Fill up your tank in summer! Typically, heating oil and propane prices drop during the summer. There are a couple of reasons for this: The oil industry starts to run out of storage space and needs to offload their product, and demand for heating fuel drops significantly, because nobody’s crazy enough to turn on their heat in the summer. Check out your vendor on fuelwonk to see if others in your community have reported lower summer rates, or call yourself, and share the price you were quoted.

Check Heating Oil and Propane Prices on fuelwonk Year-round

It should be obvious by now. Besides getting a jump on your winter heating needs during the summer, fuelwonk provides local vendor information and heating oil and propane prices year-round. Fuelwonk provides knowledge and information that helps you and your community make educated decisions about heating your homes safely and economically.