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Queens College President Felix V. Matos Rodriguez congratulates Fuelwonk founder

October 21, 2016

Mr. Bob Silverstein

Dear Mr. Silverstein:

I just wanted to congratulate you, on behalf of the entire Queens College community, on founding your company Fuelwonk. You are an example of the success that can be achieved when one combines great entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to service. Alumni like you bring prestige to Queens College and provide a role model for our current students as they work hard to advance their personal and professional dreams. Your success helps us to advance the educational mission of Queens College.

Please know that our environmental studies program -- we have the largest number of environmental studies majors among all CUNY schools! -- and community work on the College continue to grow every day. I invite you to remain connected to the College and to help us advance our indispensable educational mission of combining access to higher education with the highest quality and standards.

I wish you great run with Fuelwonk. Thanks for “paying it forward.” We are so very proud of your success!


Felix V. Matos Rodriguez


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