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Massachusetts: Higher prices for heating, cooking, deliveries, linked to invasion of Ukraine - WCVB

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Massachusetts homeowners and business owners will see their energy bills rise as a consequence of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Scott MacFarlane, of home fuel supplier MacFarlane Energy in Dedham, said he saw wholesale prices jump rapidly upward recently. He compared the sudden increase to what he saw during the start of the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.

"It's almost gone up a dollar (per wholesale gallon) in the last week alone," he said. "Most dealers are absorbing the increases. It's hurt the dealers but it's hurt the consumers especially. We haven't had a lot of consumers complain yet but, obviously, it's going to hurt people on fixed incomes."

Gasoline prices are also on the rise. AAA said consumers are paying 8 cents more per gallon in the last week.

Gas pumpGas prices in Massachusetts spike as Ukrainian crisis spirals
Mark Duffy, of Judy's Village Flowers in Foxborough, said his business is being hit by increased fuel costs for importing flowers from overseas and hit again by costs for delivery drivers.

"We have three to four delivery trucks that leave our store every day. We do about 50 to 60 deliveries a day," Duffy said.

He said the costs are being passed along to consumers with prices up a couple of dollars.

"I think people expect it. They're not happy about it, I mean, we're not happy about paying more for our flowers to get them trucked up here. But at some point, you do have to pass them along to the consumer, even if it's minimal," Duffy said.

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