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Fuelwonk Press Release - July 21, 2015

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Imperfect Markets, LCC Announces Comprehensive Heating Oil and Propane Vendor Database Ready for 2015 – 2016 Heating Season

July 21, 2015 - SAN JOSE, CaliforniaLocating a comprehensive list of local heating oil and propane vendors has proved nearly impossible to date. Fuelwonk, a new crowdsourcing website, has solved this problem by searching and cataloging nationwide vendor websites and making this information available in one accurate and robust database. The fuelwonk team has been reviewing and updating the database in an effort to provide an extensive list of vendors for the 2015 - 2016 heating season.

By having access to a list of local vendors, consumers are saved the task of having to search the Internet, flip through the Yellow Pages, or ask neighbors or business associates for recommendations. All the information necessary for contacting a vendor, assessing their reputation, and comparing prices is available on fuelwonk. The database includes the following local vendor data for any given zip code:             

  • Historical pricing provided by fuelwonk customers

  • General description of vendor offerings

  • Location and contact information

  • Yelp reviews, if available

  • Indication of senior and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) discounts, if offered

  • Fuel type and date purchased by fuelwonk customers

A nationwide list of heating oil and propane vendors makes it easy for consumers to not only find a local vendor, it also allows consumers to share and compare pricing with other members in their community. Bob Silverstein, fuelwonk founder, provided the following quote about the company’s primary goal:

“A robust database of heating fuel vendors creates a platform that enables fuelwonk to accomplish its primary goal of making accurate and timely pricing information available to consumers through the power of crowdsourcing.”

Fuelwonk, the crowdsourcing expert in heating oil and propane, empowers consumers, both residential and commercial, to easily find local vendors on one website and compare and shop for the best heating fuel prices. Fuelwonk provides data, knowledge, and information that help a community of consumers make educated decisions about heating their homes safely and economically. Consumers who sign up now at receive a free, lifetime membership.

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