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Connecticut residents facing highest heating costs compared to any other state

The average Connecticut resident spends more on electricity, heating and gas each month than people living in any other US state

The average Connecticut resident spends more on electricity, heating and gas each month than people living in any other US state.

The costs amount to $411 on average which is expensive even compared to other New England states. According to a report from Wallethub, the top states in the nation by fuel prices include Massachusetts (3rd), Maine (6th), New Hampshire (10), Rhode Island (11th) and Vermont (14th).

Harsh winters unsurprisingly contribute to high bills. The actual energy prices in CT aren't the highest but the amount of heating that's required definitely plays a role. According to a report that aired on NBC NY:

While the state isn't the most expensive in any one of those utilities in particular, the monthly costs for electricity and home heating both land in the top five (CT pays the third-most in electricity costs, and fourth-most in heating).

As for Connecticut's fellow tri-state members, the other two fared much better. New Jersey ranked 29th in utility costs at $317 per month. New York somewhat surprisingly was all the way down at 40th, with residents spending just $303 each month. While New York had the most expensive natural gas costs and the eighth-most and home heating oil costs, the cost of electricity and fuel for cars are among the five lowest in the nation.

Heating oil as primary fuel across USA - EIA

As for where the cheapest utility bill is, that coveted position goes to Washington D.C., where the average monthly bill is $217 — slightly more than half of what Connecticut residents pay on average.

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Different states residents use different amounts of heating oil vs propane vs electricity in their energy mix and overall heating consumptionImage credits: Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, based on U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey 2021, 2019, 2015

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