An argument for pinpoint focus and customer service - A conversation with Mary Romano of Just Oil, Pawling New York

Just Oil

Bob Silverstein founder of had a give-and-take conversation with Mary Romano of Just Oil  at the midpoint of the 2016 - 2017 heating season.

“We keep our prices below our competitors”. “I’ve been in the home heating fuel business for over ten years and felt the need to be on my own”. “I started Just Oil with mission for the highest level of customer service” said Romano. “Fuelwonk is getting a fair amount of web traction and has been driving web traffic and new customers to us.” “Since they only provide information to their consumers I feel they are a good partner and not a competitor” added Romano.

“I was very impressed with Mary’s focus and determination”. “She is in the office answering the phone and email or, on the truck with the driver making sure that deliveries happen on time, carefully, and reaching out to every customer” said Silverstein. She is not ready to drive the fuel truck but, every other job in the company is fair game and under her watchful eye.

I have access to the pricing data. I can see how competitively Mary is pricing her fuel. She is supportive of families that qualify for HEAP fuel discounts and provides HEAP customers the exact same level of attention as all her customers receive.

Both agree that price shopping is not the only consideration when buying. Transparency, honesty, and integrity are crucial. “When you are invited to walk on your customers’ property you want to be respectful of that trust” said Romano. Silverstein had a few more questions but will save them for another day. Mary’s fuel truck pulled up and she turned her attention back to where it needed to be.

Just Oil and can be reached via their web sites. Silverstein is encouraging all delivered fuel consumers to jump onto the Fuelwonk web site and contribute to the crowd supported pricing system.