An argument for change - A conversation with Chris Caywood of Caywood Propane Gas

Bob Silverstein founder of had a give-and-take conversation with Chris Caywood of Caywood Propane Gas  at the start of the 2016 - 2017 heating season.

“Fuelwonk has the potential to change my industry”. “We have been a growing leader in Michigan by clearly sharing our prices and business practices” said Caywood. Both Silverstein and Caywood have been meeting with resistance from fuel vendors who prefer to continue to conduct businesses in the same way as they have done for the last fifty years. “If businesses don’t change on their own, they will find themselves forced to do so by a new generation of internet savvy consumers”. “In today’s busy world, consumers will gravitate to the solution with the least friction in order make an informed buying decision” said Silverstein.

Both agree that price shopping is not the only consideration when buying. Transparency, honesty, and integrity are crucial. It is important to share business practices on your web site and abide by them. When you invite someone onto your property or into your home via the internet you want to be sure they are going to keep their side of the bargain.  

“We are both focused on growing our businesses”. “Even though competition is tough I’ve proved that you can grow if you stand by your integrity” said Caywood. Fuelwonk is growing its user base every day now that we are headed into the heating season and the word is getting around. Silverstein is focusing his attention on the consumer because of the luke warm reception he has received from fuel vendors. “Chris’s supportive attitude towards Fuelwonk is welcome as I’m growing my business and figure out the correct business model” said Silverstein.

Caywood Propane Gas and can be reached via their web sites. Silverstein is encouraging all delivered fuel consumers to jump onto the Fuelwonk web site and get started.